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  1. Has anyone put together a little directory for the mall showing where X vendor is? I hadn't realized that there were Glyph vendors, so I started to level that profession. And I felt like a chump when I was later on exploring and found them in a tower. Now I'm curious if Gems, Enchants, and other things that I'd need are around the mall? I'd be happy to make one, I just didn't want to be redundant.
  2. Hello! I wanted to give this simple suggestion for naming the NPC's at the mall. Some of them have the same name. If you mouse over each, they're fairly self-explanatory. It's a little like playing the children's game, Duck-Duck-Goose to find the right one. It would be easier if I could tell someone that they need to see "Bob Ross" the class trainer, or find "Chuck Jones" for glyphs. A lot of my suggestion comes from my own laziness where I just type /target Andy Warhol, /run SetRaidTarget("mouseover", 2). When I was making some potions this weekend I had lucky charms on a few NPC's to make my life easier :) Over this weekend and a few new players had whispered me about how to find certain things. I was happy to help, but I'd end up pogo'ing next to a target to show them where it was at.
  3. Senlord

    Mage food needs a buff!

    You're a beautiful human being! I had asked because I didn't know about this vendor. I will go become familiar with them on my next login. Thanks for that tip!
  4. I hate to whine about Mage stuff, and people think that a Mage is just a candy bar wrapped in a thin paper package. But my cooking skills are not even good for McDonalds!!! When I conjure food, it replenished my health at about the same speed as just sitting there doing nothing. With 1,000,000+ health for which recovers 22,000 just doesn't do much. Can the Conjure Refreshment trainers teach us Mages proper food recipes?
  5. Senlord

    It's been 4 months...

    Thank you Opey! Havoc looks like a great group of good people, from the Game Masters to the Developers. I feel very welcome here. I'm looking forward to enjoying many hours playing WoW again. See you around!
  6. Senlord

    It's been 4 months...

    It's been 4 months since a new player introduction! Has WoW slowed to that point, are a lot of people just not introducing themselves? While you think of your answer to that question, please allow me to introduce myself! Greetings gamer, I am Senlord! A draenei mage. I always liked the racial heal for this class. I seem to get myself in over my head quite often and use that heal often. I used to like habing a mage quite a bit until things changed in WoW where most players were equal in damage. But not so much equal in avoidance. Seems like the good old Mage got the short end of the clothy types. I'm hoping that I can relive some of my favorite days here on this server when an Arcane mage and mash away at a button and stay alive a while longer. So, about me? I like running PvE content. Raids, dungeons, etc. I like collecting achievements and completing encounters. I was never a fan of PvP - it never caught on with me, some folks would try to ruin your day. I didn't want to put that shoe on another's foot. I have a lot to learn here about how this server works and some of the cool and unique features that it offers. It does seem like you have a interested team who are active with the support. I'm looking forward to running some content with ya'll. -Sen
  7. Hello, I'm very new here. I used to play WoW up to about Mists of Pandaria. But I wasn't enjoying myself any longer in Word of Warcraft. My main reason was that it just took to much time, and I wasn't enjoying the difficulty. Each expansion had me feeling like I started at level 1 again, and then had to grind for gear all over. The other day in Reddit, something came over my recommended feeds for Warcraft 3rd party servers. This one looked best. But I'm not sure what to think of it. I made it as far as making a toon last night before I had to log off. Any way, I wanted to introduce myself and see what others are doing to enjoy Havoc. Couple of questions: What are Vote Points? How are they used? Are they mandatory? What are Donation Points? How are they used? Are they mandatory? What is a "Fun server"? I see this listed with description and level caps of 255? I don't know what "fun server" is describing. Is PvP mandatory here? Seems like I can't switch it off. My character is on Razorborn 255 Fun server. Will I be able to solo raids here as a Mage? Thanks for chatting with me! I hope that you have a great day. -Sen