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  1. please fix that spell all day when i use it dont work ( when i use it it stay 28 sec and i do 1 attack it got removed ) thats not good fix that and thanks
  2. Broken

    bug in wsg

    all people which they are caster or ranged can attacks me when they are in towers so please fix that i cant do nathing when they trolling they stay under the tower and attacks me like noobs when i am near that tower. thanks
  3. Broken


    1. Who banned you ? vandir 2. What were you doing ? teleport hack 3. Do you believe you should be unbanned ? If yes, why ? i like alot this server so because i like the custom gears and i want to get unban...:( i stay waiting 2 months to get unban and no gm helps me so please unbann me to join you guys and to play with my old friend and thanks alot :) 4. Your character name:Brøken 5. Account name: Hunter07
  4. Broken

    Can i get unban ?

    Hello, I recently got banned for teleport hacking. He is Vandir. Yes i want to get unbanned to can play seriously on game and stop using hack. My character name is Brøken My account name is Hunter07
  5. Broken

    Special Transmog Competition

    Best friends hitman and broken Location : Shattrath city Theme : Relationships Best view with my new friends ❤️❤️