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  1. Broken

    hello again. my ban :(

    1. Who banned you ?: caisy 2. What were you doing ?:i used some hacks exploites 3. Do you believe you should be unbanned ? If yes, why ?:i wanna be unbanned because i get bored and i dont know what i should do without playing this funny wow + i understand what i did and it will never happen again and of course we are on chistmas now so merry christmas and forgive me as a gift from santa + we are on the end of the year so please unban me and let me play like all players and have some fun thanks 4. Your character name:farmer 5. Account name:hunter07
  2. Broken

    i understand my fault

    1. Account name : Hunter07 2. Reason of Ban :hacking 3. Why would we unban you?:i did something wrong and i wanna get unbanned i will play like all players without any exploites or hacks 4. Explanation why you were banned :i got banned because i hack 5. Additional information : i understand my fault i will never do that again 6. Who banned you ?: Caisy
  3. Broken

    i understand my fault

    hello i know i did something wrong and i will never do that again i swear just i wanna be unbanned thats all forgive me and let me play like all players i am bored and making new account is boring and i its a waste of time .We are on a new month 1 december next month will become a new year so unban me and i will be happy thanks ! ! ! ! !
  4. Broken

    can i have unbanned?

    i didnt do anything i gave you the real history but your staying lying to me and you think that i use exploites or something like tthat thats not the probleme of refund token or anything i told you that one of staffs gave me alot of donate ships and i was having 270 donate points before so i bought refund tokens and i start refunding mount fly .unban me and dont make me wait more because i start getting bored and sorry about waste your time on this topic and dont remove it like last time
  5. Broken

    i got banned without reason .

    Glitch told me that i used exploits and noxi that i used hacks and that s wrong . i didnt do any thing just a big staff and i dont wanna tell his name if i do i think he will have banned so he gave me alot of donate ships and i thinked that were a gift so i spent all them on mount fly and i refund them to donate points to buy tokens and make a custom weapon thats all and you thinked that i did something wrong about the rules + i bought alot of refund tokens because i cant refund mount fly without it and so you must unban me because thats not my fault because i thinked that was a gift from staff and i agree with it i dont have any probleme with anyone i just want to play that funny game and have some fun unban me and thanks