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  1. boptart

    Druid Feedback

    Do not add haste scaling to any DoTs Starfire: +100% damage Wrath: +100% damage Moonfire: +30% damage Insect Swarm: +50% damage Starfall: +50% damage Hurricane: +150% damage
  2. boptart

    Weapon Changes

    Skullflame Shield Lifesteal: increase proc rate to 5%, increase drain +20% Flamestrike: increase proc rate to 3%, increase damage + 50% Change "hit rating" to "spell pen" Thunderfury Lightning Strike: increase damage +25% Thunderfury proc: increase proc rate 30%, reduce damage -25% Change "hit rating" to "expertise" Shadowmourne Soul Fragment: increase strength gain from +30 to +700 per stack Chaos Bane: increase strength gain from +270 to +10,000 Optional (due to proc being locked behind a cooldown) - add +2 shadow damage to attacks Sulfuras Fireball: increase proc rate +50%, increase damage +20% Fireball DOT: increase damage +100% Weapon has a near 0 proc rate when equiped in off-hand Atiesh Change spellpower equip from +15,000 to party members to +10% increase to all party members spellpower Add +5 spell pen per rank Bulwark of Azzinoth Change armor proc from +2,000 armor to +10,000, increase proc rate to 8% Hellreaver Change "expertise" to "haste" Remove proc and add +20,000 agility Warglaives Change "hit rating" to "armor pen" on mainhand and "expertise" on offhand Frostmourne Change "hit rating" to "haste" Change 15,000 intellect to 15,000 more stamina Increase strength proc from +1,200 to +12,000 Tiriosh/Golad Change "hit rating" to "expertise"
  3. boptart

    Custom boss idea

    Warlord Reggar: 600,000,000 health, 2.0 attack speed for about 500,000 damage vs armor cap, armor and resist 25% higher than world boss. Phase 1: Frost Cleave: Deal 110% melee damage as frost damage to all targets infront of the caster - 20 yard range every 4 seconds Phase 2: 80% health Just a Scratch: Stun all players for 5 seconds (non removable), Dialogue: "Is that all you've got?!", increase damage dealt by 5%. Fire Slash: Target player burns for 50,000 damage per second (before resistances/talents) for 5 seconds. Cast every 10 seconds (do not cast first one until stun wears off) Phase 3: 50% health Tilt the Odds: Stun all players for 5 seconds (non removable), Dialogue: "I'm just getting started, prepare to face the ultimate warrior!" reduces all player maxs health by 50%, increases attack speed by 20%, reduces damage taken by 10%. Decrepid Blow: Attacks target with second highest threat for 150% melee damage as shadow damage before resists/talents and reduces all stats of target by 60% for 5 seconds. Cast every 10 seconds. Player with highest threat cannot be hit by this attack even while solo. Phase 4: 20% health Desperate Assault: Increases damage dealt by 20%, increases damage taken by 20%. Phase 5: 10% health Upon entering phase 5: Dialogue "I...I can't let you win. I WON'T LET YOU WIN!" Final Strike: attack all players for 15,000,000 FIRE damage before resistance/talents . Un-interuptable, 5 second cast time.
  4. This will be my running list of suggestions for the new realm , sorted by how important I think it is. VIP Instance: Remove blooz craze from all mobs/boss Nazja Slave: agonizing strike + 50% damage, health +40% Nazja Surger: water bolt +900% damage, water spout +400% damage, health + 40% Nazja Priestess: nature bomb +1500% damage, health + 40% Nazja Gladiator: gorloc stomp +1500% damage, mortal cleave damage -20%, health + 40% Nazja Shaman: ball lightning +200% damage, lightning ring +900% damage, health +40% Warlord Dozi: melee -25%, lightning cloud (also DoT) +100% damage, throw shield +1500% damage, health + 80% General Kshashtha: melee -30%, attack speed +20%, ribbon of souls +200% damage, health +80% Lady Suso: shadow blast damage -30%, shock blast +300% damage, health +100%, debuff attack time increase from 400% to 300%  picture of the DPS of each enemy in VIP instance World Boss: All bosses: +100% attack speed, melee -60% damage, health +50% Kraator: scorch +100% damage, possibly add some typeof magic/curse DoT that is dispellable that ticks for around 70,000 Uvuros: icebolt +150% damage, frost blast +60% damage Terrorguard: ground tremor +800% damage, poison nova DOT +900% damage, wrath +100% damage, petrifying breath DOT -50% damage Broggok: ground tremor +800% damage, frost blast +200% damage Nathrezim: Needs something other than auto attacks, never saw a spell En'kilah: blast nova +100% damage, fel fireball +100% damage, fel fireball DOT +20% damage Arathorn: frost strike -80% damage Loatheb: bloodthirst -80% damage picture of world boss DPS Paladins: seal of vengeance/corruption: cut damage about 15-20% hammer of righteousness: 150% weapon damage caused as holy damage exorcism: + 80% damage holy wrath: 200% damage increase holy shield: 100% damage increase avenger's shield: 1,000% damage increase shield of righteousness: 2,500% damage increase increase armor from devotion aura to +10% paladin talent vindication set to 7% reduction instead of a flat amount retribution aura +100% damage Death Knight: Plague strike: +100% damage Death Coil: +300% damage Icy Touch: +50% damage Heart strike: +50% damage Obliterate: +50% damage Scourge strike: +50% damage High: The last quest for the new weapons SHOULD NOT include having to do the vip zone. I know of about 5 people on the server who can even kill the bosses locking the rest of the population out of even doing the content beacuse they sure as hell arent going to drag everyone along for all the kills. custom glyphs re scale world boss spell/skill damage to stop 1 shotting players in full vip4 adjust hunters mark to give 5-10% attack power boost instead of a flat amount adjust orc racial "blood fury" to do +5% attack power instead of flat amount Thundering skyflare diamond: reduce haste from 480 to 24 Black magic enchant: reduce haste from 250 to 25 Comet's trail: reduce haste from 726 to 38 Dragonspine trophy: reduce haste from 325 to 16 Mark of norgannon: reduce haste from 491 to 24 Scale of Fates: reduce haste from 432 to 21 Elemental focus stone: reduce haste from 522 to 26 Embrace of the spider: reduce haste from 505 to 25 The egg of mortal essence: reduce haste from 505 to 25 The skull of gul'dan: reduce haste from 175 to 17 Smooth havoc amber: reduce crit to +30 Medium: increase drop rate of highborne weapon quest items from chests now that the weapons as high a priority increase drop rate of world boss items for weapon/bag quests about +10% change playtime rewards to world boss items, jewellers orb, etc add tabards/shirts to dungeons or some other area Low/Quality of Life: small QOL : change WB corpses to despawn after about 2 minutes add 30 minute horn of winter buff to buff NPC
  5. For ways to impliment these glyphs I would suggest VIP 3+ requirement and either A: Drop from any world or VIP instance/zone boss, maybe a 5% chance to get a random glyph B: Sell them for something between 40-60 VP each or even 1 DP, maybe 2. Or Both For the actual glyphs, Paladin: Glyph of The Light: Increases spell power by 60% of your strength and increase the amount healed by critical heals by 10% (touched by the light talent rank 3) Glyph of Sanctum: Increases spell power by 30% of your attack power and critical healing spells heal for 60% extra over 12 seconds (sheath of light talent rank 3) Glyph of The Lightsworn: Your Hammer of Righteousness ability deals 20% increased damage + your seals and judgements deal 10% increased damage + while divine illumination is active your healing spells are 35% stronger (tier 10 paladin set bonus) Glyph of Triumphent Judgements: Your judgements deal 10% additional damage + your Righteous Vengeance ability can now be a critical (tier 9 paladin ret set + judgement glyph) Glyph of The Storm: Increases the damage dealt by divine storm by 10% + your divine storm now heals for an additional 15% of the damage it causes (tier 7 ret paladin set + glyph of divine storm) Druid: Glyph of Guidance: Increases spell power by 12% of your intellect (lunar guidance talent rank 3) Glyph of The Stars: Reduces the cooldown of starfall by 30 seconds + increases the damage done by starfall by 10% and decreases radius by 50% (glyph of starfall + glyph of focus) Glyph of The Moon: Your moonfire ability now has a chance for periodic damage to be crits + increases periodic damage of moonfire by 75% but the initial damage is reduced 90% tier 9 blanace set + glyph of moonfire) Glyph of The Eclipse: Starfire increases the duration of moonfire on the target by 3 seconds , up to 9 maximum + increases the bonus granted by eclipse for wrath and starfire by 7% (glyph of starfire + tier 8 balance set) Glyph of Enhanced Rejuvenation: Your rejuvination ability now has the ability to critical + when your rejuvenation targets are below 50%, heal for an additional 50%. (tier 9 resto set + glyph of rejuvenation) Glyph of The Grizzly: Your swipe (bear) and lacerate deal 20% additional damage and reduces the cost of rip by 10 energy + your maul can now hit 1 extra target + survival instintcs grants an additional 15% max health (tier 10 feral set + glyph of maul + glyph of survival instincts) Hunter: Glyph of The Ranger: Increases the damage you deal with ranged weapons by 3% + When your serpent sting and wyvern sting deal damage you have a 5% chance to gain 20% attack power for 10 sec (ranged weapon spec talent +t10 set ) Glyph of The Survivor: Increases agility by 15% + increases stamina by 10% ( lightning reflexes talent+ survivalist talent) Glyph of Fury: Increase the damage done by your pet by 15% + your auto shots have a 5% chance to cause you and your pet to deal 15% increased damage for 10 sec (unleashed fury talent + t10 set bonus) I will add more glyphs as i test more classes and have time to keep rolling out possibilities
  6. boptart

    Light's Breach bug report

    talked to noxi about how world bosses NEED to be re visited. They are 1-2 shotting full vip4 players who do not have ridiculous stamina added to their custom weps.
  7. boptart

    Light's Breach bug report

    in bear form on druid i could not auto attack, only dps VIA skills shaman totem of wrath is not giving any spellpower instead of the new 5% buff After server crash my paladin lost the ability to use 1h swords and thrown weapon quests at the beginning of tier 3 dungeon utgarde keep do not have their items scaled to the new server like the ones in tier 2 nexus and tier 4 utgarde pinacle. world boss arathorn does not regenerate HP upon leaving combat until about a minute has passed
  8. During tower defense, Ice Tower was showing the visual of attacking enemies but it does 0 damage and it gives itself a dazed buff making it do absolutely nothing. I believe it should apply dazed to enemy? not sure, it has never worked while I've played.
  9. I won't mention any names as some servers don't like when people do that, but I am a former lead balance/content developer from a successful, highly rated 3.3.5 funserver. One thing I have noticed is the unused heroic vs normal dungeon and 10 vs 25 man raid mechanics, including normal and heroic for both 10/25 in some raids. There is no denying that some people really only want to solo grind while others enjoy a mix of solo, grouping, or even only grouping for content and having the same tier dungeon/raid in different difficulties could address this. Dwindling private server, and wow in general, numbers lead to almost a necessity of having the ability to do all content without needing more than 1 to 3 people. There is also a glaring uselessness of gold from what I've seen. There are MANY easy and simple ways to make gold useful and they probably should exist in some form. My suggestions would be : 1. It seems you are planning on going with low stats on the new realm but alternatively you could just stat crunch the current realm in a matter of minutes to hit everything from stats to mob hp/damage/resistances and end up in a nice place. 2. Utilize normal vs heroic, 10 vs 25 versions of dungeons and raids. Far too many..maybe every server with custom instances just slaps it into 10 man normal. Why? Utilize normal/10 as a solo content type dungeon and then turn heroic/25 into something meant for grouping. Increased difficulty, increased drops, maybe add some drop only "heroic" versions of items in that tier. 3. Introduce tiers to the armor set instead of just level 1-30 of X item. It's kind of boring and un-immersive. Progressing through tiers gives a goal and a sense of purpose to the grind. You could simply just change level 1-5 to tier 1 level 1-5, and level 6-10 to tier 2 level 1-5 should you want to stick with the level X items. It will also allow for use of my next idea. 4. Custom set bonuses. The server I worked for where I pitched this idea is the only one I've ever seen do it, but you can easily implement GOOD blizzard or even custom set bonuses onto armor. 5. Rather than making the HC/25 man of a dungeon or raid the same tier but more difficult, use it for a different tier so you can get out more content faster, and easier. For example, ICC raid can be used for 4 tiers, without much effort other creating the 4 item sets. ICC 10 can be tier X, ICC 25 can be tier X+1, ICC 10 heroic can be X+2 and ICC 10 can be X+3. Of course not requiring 10 or 25 people, just use those available raid zones for quicker more balanced content. 6. Something I've never seen done outside of my server I worked on, custom glyphs. Most retail glyphs are useless on fun servers. Custom glyphs can be as simple as a stat boost like, a T10 glyph could be a rare drop from a T10 boss that adds stats equal to X % the stats of a T10 item. The possibilities for using and creating custom glyphs are immense. Make them drops, make them crafted to make crafting useful, make them quests rewards..but most importantly, make them matter, give them the set bonuses of blizzard tier sets, just do something! You'll be the only server that can claim to have this. 7. Role balance. Make playing towards a healer or caster rewarding instead of falling into the generic 255 trap of just going melee. Not everyone enjoys playing warrior/dk/pally/kitty :). Casters are almost always under tuned compared to melee on funservers, usually do to haste, but simple spell scaling can fix that. One option for this is adding defensive stats and possible spell damage % healing to spells for something such as a mage, that has no self heal and no defensive rating almost forcing them to group unless they can do godlike DPS and 1 shot everything on alot of realms, if they are even worth playing DPS wise. I've probably got more things to add as I continue playing the server but for now, I think these are simple yet effective changes that could be done to help improve the server but for now this is just my opinion from a player and developer viewpoint.