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  1. Some of the NPC's in the mall are missplaced They should be at their normal spots so people can find them
  2. The waypoint in ICC didn't activate so we can't TP back and forth It's supposed to activate whenever we reach it
  3. thebbe

    ICC Saurfang door bugged

    We killed Saurfang quite quickly and now the door won't open The door should open when he dies
  4. When ever I try to use my Ice Bound Fortitude it says the spell isn't available to me. It should in general just work or else DK's are completely hopeless in PVP
  5. Nvm found the problem it isn't a bug it's because I'm a DK 😛
  6. My friend placed his totems to see what my attack speed would be when he put it down, and I didn't get the buff idk if it's something with the race not normally being a shami race or something else