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  1. Quyeras

    PvP - Stun Reduction gems.

    i'd like to point out that there is also gems to completely remove fear and silence.
  2. I noticed that people are almost immune to stuns and what not, this is making it very unbalanced for low tier/nondonors in PvP. Each meta gem gives -10% stun duration which allows them to attack without caring at all... My suggestion is to ban those gems from PvP to make it more balanced.
  3. Rupture is supposed to do damage equal to 150% of your attack power per combo point but it seems it only does 10% of your AP per combo point. Compared to other classes as druid, dk, pala this should be fixed.
  4. Quyeras

    Mount Hyjal

    These guys keeps you from mounting and they fear you alot... you cannot attack/target them and AOE does not work either.
  5. Quyeras


  6. Quyeras

    Poll: BG related

    Maybe not bannable but make some kind of force field in graveyard?
  7. Quyeras

    Circle of Love.

  8. Quyeras

    Ulduar Achievement

    I also have a debuff that goes thru relogging from Yogg-Saron.
  9. Quyeras

    Ulduar Achievement

    You dont get credit for killing Yogg-Saron... This fight takes about 30-60min to kill and you get nothing from it.
  10. Quyeras


    Even with 116% hit rate?