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  1. Break

    Banned from disc.

    I'm attempting to get unbanned from the discord channel. Hyped was the banning official. I was given no warning or message. I believe my comments in the discord are justified to a point we have received 0 information on the server with a declining population. I attempted to reach out to the ownership team and received no notification for weeks. I understand i was toxic but at the same time what mod bans someone with no warning or message.
  2. Breakinews, or literally any name with Break in it. I've been playing on havoc since January of 2019. Break I'm an active member of Havoc, have reported all bugs i have found and generally just want the server to be the best it can be considering i've played here for a while and invested a lot into the server.
  3. Break

    Shirt event changes.

    i don't really get the 40% option, you remove BoA but it isn't the biggest reduction in mats required. The 50% is the biggest reduction and you keep BoA for those who have it already. i don't see the incentive for the 40% option unless its just to give a quicker quest and screw over the people who completed it for alts. Regardless i think removing the BoA effect for those who already completed it is kind of weak. And if that is the case can i send my +15 shirt to an alt who needs it but hasn't completed the quest if BoA is removed? The options just seem off to me. it feels geared towards the 50% reduction and keep BoA if you have it with the other two options just being a spot to fill a poll with. You could add additional tiers to the shirt on the current 255 realm, keep the growing amount of shards needed. say +20 have it add some resiliency or something and that be the incentive to do it on the 255 realm, and then when the i80 realm releases cap it at +15. Reducing the amount of shards doesn't do a whole lot for those who are in the end-game content but not huge donors. I get that event is supposed to be for custom users but even then the amount of tokens needed to get a shirt is still in the thousands that they still can't kill and the donors who already have the shirt dont feel a need to keep doing it. I may be wording this completely wrong or it may be hard to understand due to how i have written it but essentially all this does is address the amount of tokens needed for the shirt, it doesn't address the issues people have been saying on discord with not being able to kill the mobs in general. Most donors who can farm this essentially have no reason to anymore either which kind of leaves a void where i don't feel the need to carry people, especially in something that gives them an item usable in pvp against me.