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  1. Karén

    Dragonskin Backpack Guide

    Been a year. Wheres the continuation. XD
  2. Karén

    Shirt event changes.

    The farming for the shirts not that bad anyway. Its just you need decent gear to be able to do it. Which is why its considered an End Game event.
  3. 1.) My ingame character name is Karén 2.) I've been playing for around close to 2 months. Been playing constantly for about a month though. 3.)Karén#1109 4.)The reason I want to become a beta tester is so I can help mainly find out any bugs and test out new features and give big feedback and explain how other non PTW players can progress in the current state of the server. Plus Im usually online for more that 3-6 hours a day now sense I've been laid of work. All though schooling takes up most of my time I still always have time to play on the server. I also greatly enjoy the servers staff team and player base because they enjoy helping others as much as they can when they are available. And hopefully I am one of the testers because I will explain bugs very precisely, along with giving feedback on anything that feedback is needed on. And to being more players I would most likely create most of the classes over again to test out how balanced things are so Feral druids arent insanely more op than mages, Or mages more insanely OP as priests, ect. I plan on writting VERY thorough reviews on any new instances, new questlines, or anything that you guys have in-store for the new server. I know I may not have much play time because I recently got my computer fixed but in the last 2 weeks of playing I've gotten over 3 days of total playtime on my druid and almost 2 days of playtime on my DK. I know this might not be a TON of playtime compared to others but I am ready to stand up to the plate and do whatever it takes to make sure the i80 realm is ready for the rest of the players. In conclusion, I appreciate all the things you Devs and Gm's have been doing to help the server thrive and im forever greatful for the awesome experience I was given as a new player and plan on doing the same for any of the new players joining the community when the realm comes out. Hopefully you can find enough people to give enough feedback and explain all issues according to how they happen. I also plan on playing the server everyday for at least 3 hours a day like I have been doing the past 2 weeks of physical game time.
  4. Karén

    Shirt event changes.

    Most people should vote the 50% because of all the people who Y'know spent all the time grinding deserve to keep the BOA on it
  5. Karén

    Why I quit Havoc-wow

    Had similar things with Arq. As I was the one helping him grind for bag ingredients and stuff. But I also agree about hitting a physical wall. But we all understand that the focus of some of the things was for higher end donators which was pretty obvious. On the note of OP classes I'd have to agree, Druids are pretty OP but mages are RIDICULOUS in pvp. Every class kind of has its own context of whats good about it. But I also can agree that the Devs are working really hard to make the server function which I find fun. And I do plan on donating soon enough to get VIP 4 gear. But heres some information I believe needs to be said (ALL THOUGH I DO BELIEVE MOST OF THESE WILL BE FIXED WITH THE NEW SERVER, THESE ARE JUST SUGGESTIONS!): Game issues: As you already know we eventually hit a blockage after hitting Level 30 on our gear, So I'm thinking you should make another quest for better gear after the level 30 gear. This is just a suggestion but might also help with other events later being added. (Hence help with the shirt event issue arq was talking about). Or adding newer weapons, or newer transmogs. (Content) Make PVP more balanced. Like a lower geared player PVP area so we could possible have fair fights and not get one shot by mages. I have more ideas but if you want to know them just DM me privately on discord Karén#1109 Theres many ideas I have along with good ways to improve peoples experiences and probably play longer.
  6. Karén

    Stuck Glitch

    When you use ice block in Uldar when fighting the giant tank dude its make you get stuck in place. And than you cant move. So you have to teleport out of the dungeon and walk all the way back. Im not sure if this is supposed to happen or if its fixable or not, Just figured Id report it