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  1. Arq

    Forum moderator application

    Hey Lex! Didn't expect such a quick responce Where are you from ? (That's a personal question, since the name is more Balkan-like) No worries, I love personal questions. I am from Ukraine. What would be the first thing you do if you were accepted ? That's easy. I would comment under this post a comment stating that his bug report is not very clear and add guidelines for posting bugs. The next step would be to check through all the open posts to see if any of them are old and need to be closed. The step after that would be to check if all the posts are under the appropriate section. How would you react if you see a player you've been close with prior becoming a Moderator begins to spam the chat in discord as well as forums around ? That person would probably have known by the time he did this that I became a moderator and if he actually did it, maybe my relationship with that person was not that good as I thought previously. My actions would be identical as to an unknown person: I would first warn him and remind about the rules, which he agreed to follow and if it repeated, I would kick/ban him from the chat. If it happened in the forum, I would mute him for 24 hours, explain why he was muted and removed all the nonsense/repeating posts.
  2. Arq

    Forum moderator application

    What is your name ? Bogdan How old are you ? 24 Have you ever had previous experience with forum moderation ? Yes Why are you applying ? What motivates you to go for this position ? It is clear to me that havoc forum needs a lot more attention, than it is currently receiving, hence I want to improve the overall responce/reaction time of all the posts created by players. If you do have experience, would you be willing to supervise trainee forum moderators ? Of course, don't see a problem with that at all. We require you to answer several scenario questions: How would you react if you spot players swearing around in the forums ? I will give the player a warning and will remind that during the registration the person has agreed to follow the rules and that there may be serious consequences if he refuses to do so. How would you react if you spot players showing disrespect towards staff members in the forums or in discord ? I will warn the player in a PM reminding that discord is a part of the havoc project and that the same rules apply everywhere. If the issue repeats, I will ban/kick the player from the chat. How would you react if you find a player that is spamming the forums in order to reach higher amount of posts in a shorted period of time ? I will mute the player for a 24 hour period, remove all the non-sense/repeating posts which the player created and will send him a PM explaining why I did so, warning that the next time it happens it may lead to a permanent ban.
  3. Arq


    Couldn't find a topic, but I apologize if such exists already. When buffing with '#buff' on vip1-3, it is successfully suppressed by the game and nobody sees the chat of you buffing, however as soon as you get to vip4, it is no longer suppressed, hence spamming the chat with constant '#buff's
  4. Arq

    2 April 2019

    Summary of the PVP event held on the 2-d of April 2019
  5. Arq

    Dragonskin Backpack Guide

    3-d Part of the quest: Dragon Skin Backpack V3 You need: x2 Sartharion Skins - He is the Boss in the Obsidian Sanctum. This is what he looks like: x2 Onyxia Skins - She is In the Onyxia's Lair Custom instance. This is what he looks like: x2 Sindragosa Skins - She is located in the Icecrown Citadel. This is what she looks like: x1 Dragonskin Backpack V2 ( this is the backpack you got previously )