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  1. DarkFear

    Broken register

    Bruh we got your ips better don't lie like the other people try to. I got ss of ips of your bro how the ips are same and the ip he gave me is different from that i got on .pinfo. Before you try to make fun of me watch yourself how you lie a staff member.
  2. DarkFear

    Broken register

    That doesn't mean that the register is broken. That means that the ip you use now isn't banned and you can make like 19742 accounts till the ip isn't banned.
  3. DarkFear

    Banned without a reason?

    1. Account name : 2. Reason of Ban : 3. Why would we unban you? 4. Explanation why you were banned : 5. Additional information : 6. Who banned you ?