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  1. DarkFear

    Make PVP Balanced

    Well my opinion is the same but + Arena sets,weps and etc bcs sometimes people getting bored of bgs so they maybe should want to do arenas
  2. DarkFear

    Broken register

    Bruh we got your ips better don't lie like the other people try to. I got ss of ips of your bro how the ips are same and the ip he gave me is different from that i got on .pinfo. Before you try to make fun of me watch yourself how you lie a staff member.
  3. DarkFear

    Broken register

    That doesn't mean that the register is broken. That means that the ip you use now isn't banned and you can make like 19742 accounts till the ip isn't banned.
  4. DarkFear


    You still didn't answer my question why you involve Grump in this when he has nothing to do with your ban?
  5. DarkFear


    "3 of them contacted Grump" I think they should contact Glitch not Grump. Why you put Grump in this situation? You want to get popularity? Wanna be famous? As Glitch banned you they should contact him not Grump.
  6. DarkFear

    I got ban

    Even if it's just a words it sounded like a threat so before you talk that much think what will you say before you do it. Like Lex said your ban won't be lifted only because you don't think what you will say and what will be happen next.
  7. DarkFear

    Banned without a reason?

    1. Account name : 2. Reason of Ban : 3. Why would we unban you? 4. Explanation why you were banned : 5. Additional information : 6. Who banned you ?
  8. DarkFear


    I've never seen Supaforsty to fly even when he wasn't GM so please keep your imagine world where "all are flying" and you think that you can do it. Last time as i remember Glitch deal with you and your brother. Like you said "I banned Grump" when would you tell me? + we all know what you are doing with your brother in BG's so don't trying to be an Angel infront of us. Keep in mind that you should respect the rules + Flying mount in bg's aren't allowed from a long time. Have a nice day Nehemah and i hope you enjoyed your time here. Piece