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  1. Didrik Hermansson

    i80 realm - Closed beta testing - Signup

    1. MY char ingame Name is beefs 2. i have played wow since 2005 and have a ative raider and pvp through from vaillia to battel of azzorth. i have been GM on world of the gods i80 sever for 2 years. and help them later after i quit as gm 3. my discord user name is madleeif #1955
  2. Didrik Hermansson

    Death wish warrior spell

    on 2 sec have use death wish and then i chage and loss it
  3. Didrik Hermansson

    Death wish warrior spell

    death wish.mp4
  4. Didrik Hermansson

    stabel master/hunter

    cant Purchase stabel slotts to my hunter.