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  1. Character name: Stewmaker Been playing here intensely for 3-4 months now. lowlifeteacherguy#1682 The reason why I should test it, is because I have nothing left to do anymore. All I do is being casual and helping as much as I can on Havoc. I've been finding bugs around, and I do not hessitate to report them. I want the best experience for everyone and as bug-free as possible. My interest in the server is enormous. I like the community, and I want it to grow. By making sure i80 will get a great launch as tested & bug-free as possible, this will contribute a lot to the daily player base. As I commit as much to the server as I do, I'd like to finally have a saying in evolving the future of this server, and being able to test it while giving feedback is the only way I can do so.