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  1. LightDeath616

    Horde Catapult in Wintergrasp

    btw the reason it says "unlimited" is because i never got around to changing file name yet to havoc
  2. LightDeath616

    Horde Catapult in Wintergrasp

    Spawned a catapult in Wintergrasp in order to do the quest "Toppling the Towers". Right click to enter catapult and get WoW error crash. What should happen is what Alliance can do with no problem on their side and enter the siege vehicle with no problem. Steps to duplicate this: 1. Eastspark Workshop controlled as horde - WoW error crash after right clicking catapult. 2. Killed more Alliance NPC to gain Corporal rank in order to summon catapult after logging back in. 3. Fortress Workshop west - WoW error crash after right clicking catapult. Pardon the size of the image of Eastspark, my resolution is 1920x1080.
  3. LightDeath616

    High King Maulgar

    Think I was around Cenarion 6-7 with 13 polearm with full T4 rings, neck, shirt, tabard and trinkets.
  4. LightDeath616

    High King Maulgar

    Description: One shot by his melee or whirlwind. Current behavior: See attached image Expected behavior: Not getting one hit killed that's for sure. Steps to reproduce the problem: 1. Went in with cat, bear and critchicken forms as Druid. 2. Got one shot. 3. Tried with PvP starter set and somehow survived.