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  1. TheVegan

    Unban me, so I can play :/

    Never ever ever ever my friend 😧
  2. TheVegan

    Unban me, so I can play :/

    Alright sir, see u soon! :]
  3. TheVegan

    Unban me, so I can play :/

    Hello, I recently got banned for fly hacking, because I wanted to see the full stair event. I'm sorry about this and I promise it wont happen again. You were really kind to me and I fcked up. Idk who banned me, some human in blue dress.. I believe I shud be unbanned cos I didnt mean to cheat or harm any, just to be inspired by your btw amazing stair event. My character name is Vegano Account name: Carsten28 IP address, not gonna write on an open forum xd 1. Who banned you ? 2. What were you doing ? 3. Do you believe you should be unbanned ? If yes, why ? 4. Your character name: 5. Account name: 6. IP Adress