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  1. Nosa

    The Last Kingdom

    yaay 1st haha
  2. Nosa


    Mage shield so poor. Mage shield destroy only 1 hit need buff them for pvp or fix whatever
  3. Nosa

    Show-Off: Transmog Cat-Walk

    Buuuuuuuuuuuuuurn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Nosa

    Gear Status Idea's

    Nice Duuude i like your ICON SO MUCH DAMN <3
  5. So i have some idea. Example Melee level tiers [Gloves have some hit rating: maybe can change crit>hit], [Leg have some expertise rate same change crit>exp] what about it And bow have agi stamina gun too, Maybe gun Agi>Str ? ^_^. just my mind so Peace.
  6. Nosa

    Warrior Tier quest line

    Well i cant see which quest turn my head into chest but its bugged
  7. Nosa

    Sindra skin

    Well so before new tier update sindra skin drop 100% but now look like 0.1% ^-^ u guys nerf it or its bugged ?
  8. Nosa

    Request a transmog

    can u add this items on Transmog list ?
  9. What about make Paladin Libram level20 quest line Same as DK Druid Shaman totem etc
  10. Nosa

    Warrior [Death Wish + enrage]

    Hello warrios cant use Death wish + enrage same time. If use death wish enrage gone and enrage on death wish gone
  11. Nosa

    Shaman Spells

    Thanks for notice it i think pples wont play shammy here
  12. Nosa

    Shaman Spells

    Some shaman spells Missing [Searing totem, Healing stream totem] and new players have little bit totem problem. vendors not sell totems :D.