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  1. appelboer

    ICC The crimson hall

    When i get back from work il go check. spell is corrupted blood. its periodic spell damage, i had that turned off in my combat log.
  2. appelboer

    ICC The crimson hall

    their are mobs in this area that do insane ammounts of damage. Darkfallen Lieutenant Darkfallen Commander they use deathknight attack types and their damage is in the milions. also their insane damage wont show up in the combat log
  3. appelboer

    Hellfire Ramparts spellpower mobs

    In the instance before the first boss their are 3 "warlock" mobs. when they are agroed they all cast shadowbolt the damage in the combat log shows 300-400k for each hit. the actual damage is more arround 6-8 milion for each spell. for me this means i die instantly with level 30 gear