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  1. gulverda

    Voting problem

    Till friday it was giving me 9 votes and now it giving me jus 7or8 Dont know wy ☹️☹️
  2. gulverda

    Voting problem

    im voting all and there written 12 hour rimaining but its not giving me votes
  3. gulverda

    Voting problem

    Hey guys Theres some promlem with voting sistem... Im vktin all of them and it gives me just 8 votes there losing my 2 vote and its boring... I cant get top voters for thos☹️☹️☹️ Every1 geting 9_10 and im geting 8.. Its not very nice Can you che this issue please With best regards George
  4. gulverda

    Hey guys i have Birthday today :)

    Thenx guys 😍😍😍
  5. Hey there i have birthday today some gifts for me there ? with best regards George
  6. gulverda

    To Staff :)

    Hey guys how want to ask you something can you make costum WOW.exe for (MAC IOS ) to ? becouse i downloaded PATCH.4 but cant open it without costume WOW.exe it says thets its only for windowes and im playing without costume patches its little bit woring (cant see costume ittems and vip buffs ...) With best regards George
  7. gulverda

    voters top schadule

    Hey guys i wana know when the top voters schadule refreshing at game time and when all points reseting on sonday ? with game time with best regards George
  8. gulverda

    can any GM come on server

    oh thenx its ollready gon ty for helping
  9. gulverda

    can any GM come on server

    my ban gone but i have stun on character and can do something please some stuff halp me with it character name - Hallfinger thenx with best regards gulverda
  10. gulverda

    The new voting sites

    Video guide will be nice halpong thenx With best regards George
  11. gulverda

    The new voting sites

    Is there added some of new voting Sites? Theres one link... Last one which is MMOTOP... Like a rassian site I cant vote there... Is some problem with site Or just i cant finde how to vote for serverver? Username : gulverda With Best Regards George
  12. gulverda

    baned for to long

    please check my account --username gulverda its allready gone 6 days and ban not remmoved and its not account ban its --IP ban THIS ip ADRESS IS ITERNET CAFE ADRESS AND SOME OF NEW PLAYERS CANT LOG IN SAYS THEY ARE BANED i created new account but cant log in sayes its baned please chack how much time left for ban and wy its IP ban with best regard gulverda THENX
  13. any one have downloaded mac client and is it working good ? should i download it from this sait link or search some ather links for it im allready downloaded 10 times and not 1 working can someone halp me with this ?
  14. gulverda

    i was baned

    im not proud that i used hack but it very hard to continue paying after 6 days ban there 5 new player waiting form me to start playing on this server