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    Account no longer in use

    SOLVED I just tried to get into the game so i can show you the message and, by surprise, it just let me in. Idk what happen, i re-installed the game like 3 times and nothing happens but now i can log in. I guess its fixed. Even i created 2 acc more because i thought it was only my main acc and even then wouldn't let me in with the other accounts
  2. Hi, i'm writing my problem here because no one can help me, i was banned (the reason was vp farming i think, i'm new so i don't know some stuff of the server at all) . Shagrath ( i said to him that i don't know how i was farming that but he said that my ban should expire yesterday) was the first to answer my pm but he can't do much cuz he doesn't have much time right now so at least he give me good reply. And he told me that i can ask to gm's in discord. I've messaged Lex and he says that can't help me, only the gm that banned me can do that because Staff policy, i've asked to him if i can know how much time at least i have the ban but i'm still waiting for some answers. I know we all have life and all that, but this guy is playing at this moment and doesn't have 5 min to answer. I think that my ban is expire , in UCP say that my acc is active but when i try to log in it says that my acc is no longer in use. So i don't know that to do , if some member of this community can help me Thanks and sorry if i cause some drama here but that's the way it is.