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    1."Why did you choose this tmog ? " - Because it is the outfit of Alexandros Mograine 2."Does it represent something" - it represents Alexandros mograine first bearer of Ashbringer 3."What were/are you trying to look like ?" - Like it is right now 4."How would you describe a character that has the same tmog as you in a single sentence ? " - You stole my immage, see ya' in the court 5. "Do you think there's a theme song that represents your character - if yes, which one ? " - Well a song no, but a sequence from one of my favorite movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIGbz9pU7yg
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    Hello everyone! Welcome to Maximilians Transmog Event! I just tought I would make a little transmog event. The transmog event will be like this, you post your picture here where I will be the judge of who the winner is. (I am not a GM so this is a player made event) There is some guidelines to this event that will make you have a bigger chance of winning. Guidelines 1. Do not use full classes set because I have seen it before, be creative. 2. Use a background that fits your transmog. 3. Do not use visuals in your picture, not everyone can use it. 4. Include your character name in your post so I know who to send the reward to if you win. REWARD The rewards will be only for first place and it is 2000x Boss Heads 5000x Weapon Shards 5000x Armor Shards This event will stop this Friday (2018-06-15) and I will also announce the winner the same day on this thread and on Discord.
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    Greetings, Havoc-WoW community! We, HAVOC-WOW Staff, present you the one and only of its kind Video Contest! The Contest offers many rewards, some of which may capture your attention. We aim to create more and more diversity in-game and in the forums. The contest aims to get out the best of you, your imagination, and your creativeness! We aim to bring a little more light into your daily routine, by creating a simple, but yet solely yours masterpiece, describing one of the few decent 255 servers, which will bring you rewards, never seen before! Those who sign-up for the contest, are supposed to comment below this thread with their masterpiece! You are supposed to make a short video (trailer-like) with the approximate length of 2 minutes, which excites the audience, moreover which also excites the people who are playing already in Havoc-WoW. There is unlimited number of things you could use for your video, as long as it includes Havoc-WoW. The best three videos will be chosen by ME, @Claus and few more staff members which are about to join the jury. The more players are in, the funnier it will be! There is reward for anyone, no matter if one's winner or not, we will not discount and discredit your effort! A whole new character with the following benefits: VIP Level 4 Special Weapon VIP Level 4 Gear Special Bags Mount Visual Aura, chosen by the character Title of the winner(s)'s choice
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    Greetings HAVOC-WoW Maniacs ! We are happy to announce that we have a new SPECIAL contest for you. This contest offers a lot of rewards (just like the previous one). We aim to create more and more diversity in-game and in the forums. The contest aims to get out the best of you, your imagination, and your creativeness! We aim to bring a little more light into your daily routine, by creating a simple, but yet solely yours masterpiece. Those who want to sign up for the contest have to reply below with their masterpiece. You have to choose the most unique transmog using ONLY the vendors that are provided in-game. Noone from our staff will help you by adding items for you. The transmogs our vendors can provide are the best so far - there are different transmogrification patterns that you and your friends could choose. You can participate with ONLY one character. When you choose the transmog you like the most you have to upload it here below as a reply to this thread. In order to make it more interesting we would like you to add some information about the tmog you chose for the CONTEST , such as "Why did you choose his tmog ? " ; "Does it represent something" ; "What were/are you trying to look like ? " ; "How would you describe a character that has the same tmog as you in a single sentence ? " And for a final "Do you think there's a theme song that represents your character - if yes, which one ? " You can add this information in addition to your reply, just edit it and answer those questions. Thank you for your understanding. @Alex chose the judges and they will define the three winners. Contestor Bags (2) Visual Spell Mount Title The Special Contest will start in an hour and will end on the 10th of September 23:59. The Havoc-WoW staff wishes you luck with your choices and let the best transmogs win!
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    "Why did you choose his tmog ? " - Because I'm scary undead from the countryside, muhaha! "Does it represent something" - Unreleased horror movie of World of Warcraft version. "What were/are you trying to look like ? " - As a dangerous redneck with scythe and pitchfork, haha. "How would you describe a character that has the same tmog as you in a single sentence ? " - Wrong Turn (horror, thriller) 😝 "Do you think there's a theme song that represents your character - if yes, which one ? " - Video not sound, haha
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    So new week new guide! This time i hit you up with some nice macros which will make your live on havoc more ease Next Videos will be about, best farm spots and how to progress through tiers, but that takes a lot of time! Hope you enjoy the new video!
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    Introduction So I have seen some players argue and go on about how unbalanced PVP is on this server. Gear and spell scaling for classes are all contributes to how good or poorly you will do in PVP. On Havoc the gear scaling is very rangy. Gear on this server ranges from 10m hp with very low stats to 100m+ with donor/custom gear. If a very low geared player matches up against anyone that has donated or spent a lot of time getting vip ranks, they will get destroyed no matter what they do. New/Old players don't like when they consistently get obliterated in PVP, it isn't fun and that would be one reason to quit the server or just never PVP. Should Donors have an advantage? Since I am not a donor, I have very little say on this matter. So I both agree and disagree that they should have an advantage. Yes donors spend lots of money to make their characters better so they can have the option to destroy people. After a while this would most likely get very boring because nobody would even join BGS for you to one shot them. They would be sick of it because they get no rewards for joining. I do Agree that donors should be stronger then players who have not donated, But by very little amounts. Custom/Donor items on Havoc scale WAY too hard and just makes it unfair in many ways. How to fix the PVP issue I think if they made PVP sets scaled to a certain hp 40-50m with good stats, and like 5-10% more stats for rank 2 (40m for rank 1 pvp gear, and 50m for rank 2 pvp gear) for all classes, with the entire main set/off set/weapons. Then made it so you are required to equip that gear in BGS, say your other gear gets removed and put into your inventory (I have no idea how this would work its just a idea XD) It would make everyone in BGS equal in a way. All vip buffs would still work so some people would have 60m hp instead of 40m hp, But the gear would be equal. That's all I could think of for a suggestion! Thanks for reading! Leave Feedback, and be nice 🙂
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    I'm locking this topic for further replies. This case has been closed. /lock
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    I made a little video guides for starters!
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    Thank you for reporting. They have been banned and their Kills and PvP Gear was removed. Regards Glitch
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    All the current world bosses become pretty easy later on when you get geared. So would be cool if there could be added a new stronger world boss for more geared players to do. Wouldnt even mind if donor people would struggle on a bit if it did drop some decent stuff.
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    So recently did Trails of the Crusader on Heroic 25 man but none of the bosses dropped anything. Were a bit sad about it but it gave me the idea it could still be used. It would be cool to have some dungeons/raids of tier that would be more beneficial doing on heroic etc but also were a lot harder so it would soft of force the community to team up more offen IF they wanna farm slightly faster. So instead of just going in a soloing Trail alone you would pick Heroic 25 man and find/create a party (consistent of 3-5 players) where the bosses will drop around 3-4 times more materials (shards and boss heads), and try making them more of a actual "dungeon" where you would need a tank and healer. (could be done where ONE person pick up at buff that reduce damage from the bosses and he'd be the tank, the rest takes alot of damage from them)
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    Hey everyone, been playing here on Havoc for quite a while now and I find myself "bored" at this point where I maxed out my main character, gearing all the classes atm and I would like to see PvP daily quests added in order to motivate peoples to play more PvP. For instance, win 3 WSG's or any other, make the quest rewards better than world boss daily quests, there is so much mounts from Cata/MoP/WoD that I would like to get, as many other peoples I guess and it's quite impossible at current state of PvP on server, for a month playing here I haven't seen more than 3-4 WSG pops. Would like to here what you guys think about it and I think it would get server even more peoples when there is active PvP going on on a daily basis. Best regards, Nwaa.
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    *Warlock changes. -Damage of Curse of Agony lowered by 50%. -Damage of Immolate lowered by 30% -Damage of Conflagrate lowered by 40% -Chaos Bolt damage increased by ~25% -Shadowburn damage increased by 300% -Soulfire damage increased by 300% -Health Funnel healing lowered by 30%. -Shadow bolt damage increased by 10% -Searing Pain damage increased by 30% -Incinerate damage increased by ~150% -Rain of Fire damage increased by 90% *Paladin changes. -Judgement of Light damage lowered by 20%. -Crusader Strike damage increased by 60% -Divine Storm damage increased by 30% -Consecration damage increased by 200% -Holy Shock damage increased by 100% and healing by 10%. -Exorcism damage increased by 20% -Holy Light healing increased by 15% -Flash of Light healing increased by 10% -Seal of Righteousness damage increased by 30% *Items: -Fixed the InventoryType of Artifact Transmog Items, now they should be transmogable. -Added the 62 resil and 62k stamina and 77 resil and 77k stamina pvp gems to the PVP Vendor in the mall, for 20k and 50k honor, they were also removed from the webshop.
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    Since you can essentially turn PvP tokens into DP I would like to propose a PvE way of earning DP/VP. It's simple and doesn't need much explaining. I was thinking of something like 30k armor/weapon shards to 5 DP or 2k boss heads to 5 DP. The boss heads might need some tweaking but I think the armor/weapon conversion rate would be pretty fair.
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    Hey, I never really post on forums but I have to speak my mind on this issue. Since customs with crazy stats have been removed from battleground, the PvP has actually been really fun, Im glad VIP 4 gear is still allowed (as it should be), I believe a full donor in VIP 4 should be 15-20% more powerful then a person with max free to play gear, this creates for some interesting fights as you can easily out play full donor players and its actually really fun and challenging. HOWEVER, the VIP haste tabard is literally insane, there is no competition, im in full level 5 PvP gear and I am dying from auto attacks in a second!, It really does take the fun out of the battleground and whatever team have the haste tabard seem to win. I know for certain alot of the community agree with me and I think it's just best the tabard gets removed from battlegrounds, even replace it with a VIP 4 tabard that has stats like STR or whatever. Then we can move on to class balancing! fun fun! Thanks for your time folks xo
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    So i've bought the vip4 haste tabard for my 2 casters to test them out and prove how broken and unfair the current haste script is. I'm gonna list the only benefits i've gotten from it. MAGE: - Frostfire bolt (without tabard) 0.6 cast time ----- Frostfire bolt (with tabard) -0.6 cast time - Polymorph (without tabard) 0.3 cast time ----- Polymorph (with tabard) 0.3 sec cast time Blizzard (without tabard) 2 sec cast time ------ Blizzard (with tabard) 1.6 sec cast time - Arcane Missiles (without tabard) 1.2 sec cast time ------ Missiles (with tabard) 1 sec cast time WARLOCK: - Shadow bolt (without tabard) 0.5 sec cast time ----- Shadow bolt (with tabard) 0.5 sec cast time - Immolate (without tabard) 0.3 sec cast time ------- Immolate (with tabard) 0.3 sec cast time -Fear (without tabard) 0.3 sec cast time ------ Fear (with tabard) 0.3 sec cast time -Chaos bolt (without tabard) 0.4 sec cast time ------ Chaos bolt (with tabard) 0.4 sec cast time -Haunt (without tabard) 0.3 sec cast time ---- Haunt ( with tabard) 0.3 sec cast time\ - Corruption with the Quick Decay glyph (without tabard) 6 ticks -------- Corruption with glyph (with tabard) 6 ticks - Drain life (without tabard) 1.1 sec cast time ------ Drain life (with tabard) 1 sec cast time - Summon pet (without tabard) 1.3 sec cast time ------- Summon pet (with tabard) 1 sec cast time I've heard a new haste script is in the making but these results are definitive proof that casters don't benefit from the haste tabby at the moment at all. Paladins benefit i n s a n e l y from haste and are totally overperforming everyone in both PvP and PvE. Technically every melee class benefits from the haste tabard while none of the caster classes do. I'd suggest either to disable the tabard in PvP while the new haste script isn't done or make caster alternative tabards.
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    forgot the intro in the first upload, second and final version, now with intro and aftereffects! enjoy!
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    So after being here now for smthg around a month i thought its time to officially introduce myself.. IRL im Daniel, 33years old, living in germany and work as a childrens teacher with Kids/Teenagers, some of them in need of special education(mental issues). Most of u should know me by now, being the talkative person i am😅 Till now i Reality enjoy this server and its community! If u got any questions feel free to ask me, and if u are a beginner on this great server im always willing to assist u, as far as i can. U can find me on one of my chars: Esirya/War, Rahgnar/Pal, Gressils/DK or Mirelle/Mage. So great weekend to everyone and weˋll see us ingame! greetz Esirya
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    Hello everyone! Maxilia here and I have a suggestion/Idéa. It would be awesome if all classes could use every weapon type atleast if you are V.I.P 4 or something. Why do I have this Suggestion/Idéa? I have this idéa because I have two custom weapons I send to my alts for World Bosses/Custom Instances etc and It would be awesome if I and anyone els that does this could use their customs on every class. This includes bows/Throw weapons to. Well, thats my suggestion/Idéa feel free to come with your own suggestions to improve this.
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