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    Please note this application sways in the direction of Content Creator/Developer/Support Ji's GM//CC//Dev APP Age? I am currently 22 years old, born in February 1996. What are your In-game character names [Names that players would most know you by]? Character Name: Sorry = 3d 15h Character Name: Ji = 5d 13h How long have you currently been with us on HavocWoW and what are your contributions up to this point? My Sign up date 2017-11-02 following the concept of YYYY-MM-DD My contributions up to this point would mostly include the current content that is being worked on regarding the new content being created on dev realm as well as the balancing of classes and fixing spells such as Icebound Fortitude. Other than that in-game I've kept and open mind and helped people if they asked nicely/deserved it. Other than that I'm always ready to give me opinion on matters and give feedback based on my thoughts from different perspectives. I enjoy the server quite a bit and would love to see it thrive to its best potential. What is your timezone? I live in Germany, GMT+2 (However I have a messed up schedule and will also sometimes be on during US hours) How many hours do you spend In-game on a day to day basis? Whilst this varies day to day, I am usually on for 4-5 hours depends on IRL circumstances, Weekends i can usually play the whole day unless I have other plans. When I am online I will be able to spend those hours helping people when its needed and/or on the Dev realm to work on projects/content. Have or do you currently play Retail, if so; how long and which expansions? I started playing Retail back in 'The Burning Crusade' for the majority of its content and mostly enjoyed the PvE aspect of it at that time. You could say the same for WotLK, this however was probably one of my favorite expansions as well as Cata. The entire concept of fun and exhilarating raids with friends and pugs by your side would always lead to a fun time. Cataclysm was also quite fun as I enjoyed the entire new rework of some classes and how they worked. This also lead to the fact that alot of my WoW experience was played on WotLK/Cata private servers. Mop and Legion were short lived, I mostly just played those to see the content and stopped shortly after clearing it. Have you ever been banned In-Game or on the Forums? If so; specify the reason and duration. -No- Have you ever made another application(s) on HavocWoW before? If so; please provide a link to the thread and details. -No- Do you have any previous Gamemaster experience and how fluent are you with Trinity Core commands? I've had past GM experiences: GM on IceWoW 1 Month, however it closed right after that. GM on Sunset WoW for 6 Months until the server died. Astaroth for 4 Months however had problems with the restrictions they put on their GM's regarding 'normal' account gameplay. Developer/Content Creator knowledge was learnt whilst working on a server with a friend. I'm confident in my Trinity Core commands usage, however I am also a quick learner and can adapt to changes/new content. Why do you feel that you would be a good addition to the HavocWoW Staff Team and what do you bring to an already thriving Staff Team? Well, I feel that I have all the skills and experience that would help and benefit this server. I have experience from a range of different private servers and understand how they work. From the day I started play this server I've been active In-game friends and getting to know the community and helping wherever I can. When I work on projects I don't rush to finish them either, I look at them from different perspectives so I can see the idea adapt and evolve into the content that I truly want to create. Once I have my mind on something I will take all the time needed to create it in the way I imagined. Seeing that I have knowledge of both the game and the developer side of things I will also be able to answer more questions from players and give them answers that'll satisfy them. You should hire me because I am a good team player. I'm friendly, active, helpful and am always ready to learn more. I believe that I would bring a whole different atmosphere to events. I would do my utmost best to get everyone involved and make sure that they are having a blast playing the game we all love. Briefly describe yourself within 350 or less words. (Please include your first name, where you live, your personal interests and your age). My names Edgar currently living in Hamburg- Germany, 22. However I was born and raised in Hong Kong and moved to Germany for family reasons back in 2016. I've been working as the F&B Manager in a 3* Design Hotel for the past 2 years with the occasional Bar-shift. My hobbies would probably range from Binging TV Shows to the occasional game of Tennis, I'm someone who's comes across quite serious in any type of 'work' that I do which might make me seem less approachable however I'm always open to meeting new people and am quite open thereafter. I can see the perspective of things from different sides and come to a even conclusion to resolve things peacefully and can easily spot faults in people/projects and whatnot. Anything you would like to add? (optional question) We've had some discrepancies in the past, however I stand by my reasoning regarding those topics, in the end we know who did what forever reason but that was settled and should be a matter of the past. Me applying to be a GM/Content Creator/Dev by no means means that we have to be BFF's, however I am open/willing to cooperating with everyone in the team in the future if you're ready to let those matters be in the past. Scenario Questions [Mandatory] A Player makes a ticket asking you to give him items because he is unable to get them himself, such as original Legendary Weapons, how do you respond? Depending if the player is online or not, I would send him a Whisper or an Ingame mail with the command. I would say that we're sorry but we can't hand out free items even if they aren't available due to certain circumstances and would ask for their understanding that we're a 255 custom server. Following that I would also ask for what they need this item? (In this case the legendary) If they need it for their transmog, I would suggest to them that they try the item Requester or make a comment in the custom transmog section so that the item can be added in the future. You have muted a player for being disrespectful towards the Staff, he then makes a Ticket cussing, insulting and persistently insults you and/or other staff members, what do you do? The main focus here would be to stay friendly and rational and not let the insults get to you, I would open communications with him through whisper and explain to him the reasoning behind the mute, explaining that his actions that led to this point were unacceptable and a breach in the rules. If the player continues to abuse the ticket system by spamming it with tickets without learning from his mistake, I would suggest further actions to be taken e.g a warning kick, followed by a short ban. You find a player hacking on our Server, what do you do to minimize the situation, if you're unable to ban him? This depends on what type of hacker it is, First of all I would freeze him and explain to him that we've caught up breaking the rules and have note down his hacking attempt. In regard to being unable to ban him I would give him a warning in-game telling him that this isn't allowed and would proceed by following him invis from time to time to check if hes following his agreement of not doing it again, In case that he does return back to his old behavior and hacks, I would kick him as final warning before contacting a higher ranking GM with the evidence to dish out the punishment. Your friends are asking you to host an Event so they're able to get a new mount or another available reward they currently do not have, how do you proceed? I would have a look at the mount of people online, and see if there's enough to gather for a full event, since I would be hosting the event for the entire community and not just for that person alone. I would make sure to get as many people as possible since its only fair that others get the chance to participate in it aswell. Regarding the reward I would choose accordingly to the amount of people there and the type of event and its difficulty and wouldn't let my 'friend' dictate the rewards simply because he needs them. You first come online and you notice that there are 2 other Staff Members online yet there is still a high number of tickets active but have remained un-answered, what would you do to help but avoid the same situation in the future? I would start off by looking through the tickets online and check that they are 'doable' by GM's. I would then start answering the tickets to the best of my ability including offline ones with the mail command. Following the tickets I would double check what the others were doing, if they were busy helping another player or were currently 'afk' and didn't see the tickets. However if they were 'ignoring' the tickets because they weren't bothered and whatnot I would as a colleague remind them to check the tickets once in a while simply because its also their job. If this matter persists I would inform the Head GM or an Admin to take control of this issue. We're suppose to be working together and if we can't even manage that there's absolutely no hope in managing a community and the server. Thank you for taking your time reading my Application.
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    "Why did you choose his tmog ? " - Because this tmog is only for Champions "Does it represent something" - The Champion Guard of Stormwind City from World of Warcraft version.😂 "What were/are you trying to look like ? " - Like a protector of Stormwind City . 🌍 "How would you describe a character that has the same tmog as you in a single sentence ? " - In a single word " CHAMPION "💪 "Do you think there's a theme song that represents your character - if yes, which one ? " - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbHPTPUpQ1I ALLWAYS😎
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    1."Why did you choose this tmog ? " - Because it is the outfit of Alexandros Mograine 2."Does it represent something" - it represents Alexandros mograine first bearer of Ashbringer 3."What were/are you trying to look like ?" - Like it is right now 4."How would you describe a character that has the same tmog as you in a single sentence ? " - You stole my immage, see ya' in the court 5. "Do you think there's a theme song that represents your character - if yes, which one ? " - Well a song no, but a sequence from one of my favorite movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIGbz9pU7yg
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    1. Why did you choose his tmog ? It's a very cool,and OP.With that tmog we can make alot party ! 2.Does it represent something ? O yea,dont drink alone like i did on the pictures ! 3.What were/are you trying to look like ? I wanted to looks like Charlie Sheen,but not close,should have more chicks on the side.... 4.How would you describe a character that has the same tmog as you in a single sentence ? Well,i would like to invite him,and have a shot with me,and get drunk together ! 5.Do you think there's a theme song that represents your character - if yes, which one ? cant link it,Anti-Nowhere League-Never drink alone,cheers ...hic !
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    Hello everyone! Welcome to Maximilians Transmog Event! I just tought I would make a little transmog event. The transmog event will be like this, you post your picture here where I will be the judge of who the winner is. (I am not a GM so this is a player made event) There is some guidelines to this event that will make you have a bigger chance of winning. Guidelines 1. Do not use full classes set because I have seen it before, be creative. 2. Use a background that fits your transmog. 3. Do not use visuals in your picture, not everyone can use it. 4. Include your character name in your post so I know who to send the reward to if you win. REWARD The rewards will be only for first place and it is 2000x Boss Heads 5000x Weapon Shards 5000x Armor Shards This event will stop this Friday (2018-06-15) and I will also announce the winner the same day on this thread and on Discord.
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    My name's Rayden, (Nick: Ray) And I am Thy ingame. I'm born and raised in The Netherlands. 🌍 My ambition is to help people on their way. The beginnings might get confusing or anything, I'd love to help! I'm mostly available in game and ready to be of service, For the people that have already met me ingame, You guys are great! Thanks for making my stay fun! Kind regards! ❤️
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    Greetings HAVOC-WoW Maniacs ! We are happy to announce that we have a new SPECIAL contest for you. This contest offers a lot of rewards (just like the previous one). We aim to create more and more diversity in-game and in the forums. The contest aims to get out the best of you, your imagination, and your creativeness! We aim to bring a little more light into your daily routine, by creating a simple, but yet solely yours masterpiece. Those who want to sign up for the contest have to reply below with their masterpiece. You have to choose the most unique transmog using ONLY the vendors that are provided in-game. Noone from our staff will help you by adding items for you. The transmogs our vendors can provide are the best so far - there are different transmogrification patterns that you and your friends could choose. You can participate with ONLY one character. When you choose the transmog you like the most you have to upload it here below as a reply to this thread. In order to make it more interesting we would like you to add some information about the tmog you chose for the CONTEST , such as "Why did you choose his tmog ? " ; "Does it represent something" ; "What were/are you trying to look like ? " ; "How would you describe a character that has the same tmog as you in a single sentence ? " And for a final "Do you think there's a theme song that represents your character - if yes, which one ? " You can add this information in addition to your reply, just edit it and answer those questions. Thank you for your understanding. @Alex chose the judges and they will define the three winners. Contestor Bags (2) Visual Spell Mount Title The Special Contest will start in an hour and will end on the 10th of September 23:59. The Havoc-WoW staff wishes you luck with your choices and let the best transmogs win!
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    "Why did you choose his tmog ? " - Because I'm scary undead from the countryside, muhaha! "Does it represent something" - Unreleased horror movie of World of Warcraft version. "What were/are you trying to look like ? " - As a dangerous redneck with scythe and pitchfork, haha. "How would you describe a character that has the same tmog as you in a single sentence ? " - Wrong Turn (horror, thriller) 😝 "Do you think there's a theme song that represents your character - if yes, which one ? " - Video not sound, haha
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    So new week new guide! This time i hit you up with some nice macros which will make your live on havoc more ease Next Videos will be about, best farm spots and how to progress through tiers, but that takes a lot of time! Hope you enjoy the new video!
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    Introduction So I have seen some players argue and go on about how unbalanced PVP is on this server. Gear and spell scaling for classes are all contributes to how good or poorly you will do in PVP. On Havoc the gear scaling is very rangy. Gear on this server ranges from 10m hp with very low stats to 100m+ with donor/custom gear. If a very low geared player matches up against anyone that has donated or spent a lot of time getting vip ranks, they will get destroyed no matter what they do. New/Old players don't like when they consistently get obliterated in PVP, it isn't fun and that would be one reason to quit the server or just never PVP. Should Donors have an advantage? Since I am not a donor, I have very little say on this matter. So I both agree and disagree that they should have an advantage. Yes donors spend lots of money to make their characters better so they can have the option to destroy people. After a while this would most likely get very boring because nobody would even join BGS for you to one shot them. They would be sick of it because they get no rewards for joining. I do Agree that donors should be stronger then players who have not donated, But by very little amounts. Custom/Donor items on Havoc scale WAY too hard and just makes it unfair in many ways. How to fix the PVP issue I think if they made PVP sets scaled to a certain hp 40-50m with good stats, and like 5-10% more stats for rank 2 (40m for rank 1 pvp gear, and 50m for rank 2 pvp gear) for all classes, with the entire main set/off set/weapons. Then made it so you are required to equip that gear in BGS, say your other gear gets removed and put into your inventory (I have no idea how this would work its just a idea XD) It would make everyone in BGS equal in a way. All vip buffs would still work so some people would have 60m hp instead of 40m hp, But the gear would be equal. That's all I could think of for a suggestion! Thanks for reading! Leave Feedback, and be nice 🙂
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    I'm locking this topic for further replies. This case has been closed. /lock
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    I made a little video guides for starters!
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    Hello there. I just joined your server a few days ago and tbh i started to enjoy everything about it... so much work has been done to it and yet so much more potential this server got to grow even more. -------- I'm gonna list some of my ideas here, apologize in advance if any of 'em already exists in here and i didn't notice 'em. -------- 1- Every Man For Himself, ofc including this particular spell on every race out there ( not just humans ) would help PvPers a bit more and also those who does like to PvP from time to time but doesn't enjoy playing Alliance Race or even Humans. 2- Perm Morphs, there's couple of Disguise spells out there that can be learned through use-able items ( which gets destroyed in the process ) to make players able to look like Smth else rather than themselves. some of em could be purchased by VPs, some can be purchased by DPs. ( Owner's choice ) for exp: I'm a Tauren Warrior but i dont mind to look like a Frost Vrykul sometimes . 3- Auras, Following the idea of perm morphs comes the spell auras and effects, which doesn't affect the stats of the character but only the way you look. for exp: Shadowmourne Aura which is those souls Hovering around you. I haven't tried PvP here yet as i know im going to die as soon as someone farts in the battleground ( I'm ungeared ), but if its not done yet, the shadowmourne Aura effect can be added to the killstreak, as you grow in killstreak points it becomes more visible and more COOL!!! 4- Harder world bosses, I'd like to see more challenging world bosses that actually requires a group of peoples to take them down, ofc i'm not talking about Donators, it seems like nothing is challenging enough for those guys, i'm talking about regular players such as myself. after all there's a quest for each world boss, some effort wouldn't be bad for us to make it more interesting and less boring. 5- Stackable PvP buff in BGs, what im talking about is a buff that those players who get destroyed ( killed by other players ) in BGs can get and keeps stacking each time they die until they manage to get a kill or two. BGs are always unbalanced in every server and there's no way to balance them at all, but this buff could help a bit atleast for the players satisfaction and ofc lessens the complaints about how unbalanced PvP is in Private/Fun servers. again I've said that i haven't tried BGs yet so if such buff exists already pls accept my apology. 6- The gap between Donators and regular players, Last but not least, i had to say something about it because this gap is huge!! please care about regular players more... It's completely understandable that Private servers need to make money through donations otherwise they can't stay up and running, but regular players does make some efforts too ( im talking about those interested in keep playing here ), through Voting, being online and available because mostly the first thing every new player does is checking how many online players the server that they joined got, so more online players means more activity which attracts even more players. but seeing how much work and time someone has to spend to get not even close to 100 miles of a simple paid player would just scare them away. that's my opinion ofc and i might be wrong after all. Thanks for your time. Best Regards. Sammy.
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    Vote below for your favorite instance/dungeon. The most voted one will be the next place for the next instance and gear.
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    Sorry for the late reply, I was on vacatio. But I got good news for you guys. We just added a new Spell Dagger for your needs. You can get it the same way as the other Level Weapons. Regards Glitch
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    So after being here now for smthg around a month i thought its time to officially introduce myself.. IRL im Daniel, 33years old, living in germany and work as a childrens teacher with Kids/Teenagers, some of them in need of special education(mental issues). Most of u should know me by now, being the talkative person i am😅 Till now i Reality enjoy this server and its community! If u got any questions feel free to ask me, and if u are a beginner on this great server im always willing to assist u, as far as i can. U can find me on one of my chars: Esirya/War, Rahgnar/Pal, Gressils/DK or Mirelle/Mage. So great weekend to everyone and weˋll see us ingame! greetz Esirya
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