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    A map of the Mall would be a nice addition, thanks @Senlord
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    Thanks for point it out. Its not really a bug since to begin with it was suppost to be farmed for mount tokens as you see. Later on changed exclusively to event only. Something that were overlooked when changing stuff around 😄
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    Well, I guess my job as a community member is to point out problems to make it easier for you guys to fix it im neither CC of Developter nor I know how much experience current ones have and what are they capable of doing in order to solve it. But if you want a my suggestion how to fix it I will give you one. Speaking of PVP its easy, simply release new PVP set or make arena one obtainable via PVP tokens or honor. PVE is major problem and it could be tricky, since CUSTOMS exists and youre trying to play around PVE. Simply wont work, best solution would be to make upgrades based on daily and weekly content, BUT not to make players to depends on others since everything is soloable anyways and when I say daily it should include doing such things in any period of the day within 24 hours not every 4 hours, upgrades should be individually not grouply since it doesn't make sense anyways. I will give you an example: take that new VIP ZONE + items, they are not worth it. First you need like 1% chance to get it lets say you need 20 VIP ZONE runs for warrior legs in best way scenario including the fact there are no other warriors around. Then you need like 100 VIP ARMOR tokens that would be also 10 runs min. Perfect fix of such thing would be the Mythic+ chest prototype from retail. You need to do unique things to get key for a chest, you open it WEEKLY, and you have 100% chance to get a 1x random piece of VIP Zone item and 10% chance to get VIP ZONE+ item but in that case youre not getting it 100% VIPZONE item. In order to obtain key you will have to do unique things (which you guys should think of) that will keep you busy whole week, either trough time consuming daily quests or just some kind of farming. So player will need like 8 weeks in order to get full VIPZONE items which would be guaranteed and even then they has them they wont hit the gearing cap because they will still farm same KEY to get 10% VIPZONE+ pieces. About VIP ZONE, it should be included in any upgrading content, rather make individual jewelry or Weapon pieces which would have like 1-10% chance to drop depends on the item they should act like WORLD BOE items, Some of them might be best in slot and be worth farming, some of them would be just a middle gearing item which would help you trough gearing process. Also after rep is fixed adding more content to such rep wouldn't be bad.
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    fixed, thank you for all
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    As we launched our new server we expect to have bugs we may not have seen since we changed so many things. If you find a bug that has not been writen down on this post yet feel free to do it. And please detail it as much as possible to make it easier for our devs.
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    This will be my running list of suggestions for the new realm , sorted by how important I think it is. VIP Instance: Remove blooz craze from all mobs/boss Nazja Slave: agonizing strike + 50% damage, health +40% Nazja Surger: water bolt +900% damage, water spout +400% damage, health + 40% Nazja Priestess: nature bomb +1500% damage, health + 40% Nazja Gladiator: gorloc stomp +1500% damage, mortal cleave damage -20%, health + 40% Nazja Shaman: ball lightning +200% damage, lightning ring +900% damage, health +40% Warlord Dozi: melee -25%, lightning cloud (also DoT) +100% damage, throw shield +1500% damage, health + 80% General Kshashtha: melee -30%, attack speed +20%, ribbon of souls +200% damage, health +80% Lady Suso: shadow blast damage -30%, shock blast +300% damage, health +100%, debuff attack time increase from 400% to 300%  picture of the DPS of each enemy in VIP instance World Boss: All bosses: +100% attack speed, melee -60% damage, health +50% Kraator: scorch +100% damage, possibly add some typeof magic/curse DoT that is dispellable that ticks for around 70,000 Uvuros: icebolt +150% damage, frost blast +60% damage Terrorguard: ground tremor +800% damage, poison nova DOT +900% damage, wrath +100% damage, petrifying breath DOT -50% damage Broggok: ground tremor +800% damage, frost blast +200% damage Nathrezim: Needs something other than auto attacks, never saw a spell En'kilah: blast nova +100% damage, fel fireball +100% damage, fel fireball DOT +20% damage Arathorn: frost strike -80% damage Loatheb: bloodthirst -80% damage picture of world boss DPS Paladins: seal of vengeance/corruption: cut damage about 15-20% hammer of righteousness: 150% weapon damage caused as holy damage exorcism: + 80% damage holy wrath: 200% damage increase holy shield: 100% damage increase avenger's shield: 1,000% damage increase shield of righteousness: 2,500% damage increase increase armor from devotion aura to +10% paladin talent vindication set to 7% reduction instead of a flat amount retribution aura +100% damage Death Knight: Plague strike: +100% damage Death Coil: +300% damage Icy Touch: +50% damage Heart strike: +50% damage Obliterate: +50% damage Scourge strike: +50% damage High: The last quest for the new weapons SHOULD NOT include having to do the vip zone. I know of about 5 people on the server who can even kill the bosses locking the rest of the population out of even doing the content beacuse they sure as hell arent going to drag everyone along for all the kills. custom glyphs re scale world boss spell/skill damage to stop 1 shotting players in full vip4 adjust hunters mark to give 5-10% attack power boost instead of a flat amount adjust orc racial "blood fury" to do +5% attack power instead of flat amount Thundering skyflare diamond: reduce haste from 480 to 24 Black magic enchant: reduce haste from 250 to 25 Comet's trail: reduce haste from 726 to 38 Dragonspine trophy: reduce haste from 325 to 16 Mark of norgannon: reduce haste from 491 to 24 Scale of Fates: reduce haste from 432 to 21 Elemental focus stone: reduce haste from 522 to 26 Embrace of the spider: reduce haste from 505 to 25 The egg of mortal essence: reduce haste from 505 to 25 The skull of gul'dan: reduce haste from 175 to 17 Smooth havoc amber: reduce crit to +30 Medium: increase drop rate of highborne weapon quest items from chests now that the weapons as high a priority increase drop rate of world boss items for weapon/bag quests about +10% change playtime rewards to world boss items, jewellers orb, etc add tabards/shirts to dungeons or some other area Low/Quality of Life: small QOL : change WB corpses to despawn after about 2 minutes add 30 minute horn of winter buff to buff NPC
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    Hello I greeted the new NPC in the mall and hit the bug. I found in the mall Level NPC .... He is Bugged it gives more levels (100,150,200,255) even though it is maximum 80lvl .
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    and I have it for that 100lvl, I could put it back on 80 lvl please .... and I get a reward when I found a bug ?? thanks
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    Greetings, our dear Havocians! It's been a while since we announced the development of our new realm! A realm that would allow us to have more space for more content ahead to keep you interested and provide the best possible gameplay quality ever and of course help us enjoy our effort by seeing your joy of the project we've been working endlessly for the past few months. Our staff team has been working quite hard on it and not to mention that some of them, like @Shagrath for example barely slept. The whole staff team has put a lot of effort into this, staff members such as @Syl, @Shagrath, @Glitch, @Caisy, @Noxi, @Geos, @Opey, @Claus, @Demdem, and of course, we won't forget the effort that our beta testers put on testing the new realm and providing us constructive PvE/PvP information. Beta Testers, such as: @Maxley, @Brava, @Kygaz, @Break, @Frostymemes, @Beeg Chungaus, @Colo, @Grimlock, @Jester and everyone else! (If I missed someone, please let me know in private). We are pleased to announce the release of our new realm, which is supposed to open gates oficially on the 8th of June! More information regarding the release will be posted on discord! If you have any questions in particular, please feel free to ask any of the staff members! Best Regards, The Management
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    Forum Participation [LINK] Current Objective: 1220 Registered Users Rewards: 50 Vote Points Due to meeting the following objective(s), each existing account will be rewarded with 50 VPs. Enjoy! Forum Participation [LINK] Next Objective: 1400 Registered Users Rewards: 50 Vote Points Regards, Lex
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    You have put a lot of useless details into your ban appeal. Please use the following format, so you could make it easier for us to take a look at it: Regards, Lex
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    Hello! I wanted to give this simple suggestion for naming the NPC's at the mall. Some of them have the same name. If you mouse over each, they're fairly self-explanatory. It's a little like playing the children's game, Duck-Duck-Goose to find the right one. It would be easier if I could tell someone that they need to see "Bob Ross" the class trainer, or find "Chuck Jones" for glyphs. A lot of my suggestion comes from my own laziness where I just type /target Andy Warhol, /run SetRaidTarget("mouseover", 2). When I was making some potions this weekend I had lucky charms on a few NPC's to make my life easier :) Over this weekend and a few new players had whispered me about how to find certain things. I was happy to help, but I'd end up pogo'ing next to a target to show them where it was at.
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    You're a beautiful human being! I had asked because I didn't know about this vendor. I will go become familiar with them on my next login. Thanks for that tip!
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    I won't mention any names as some servers don't like when people do that, but I am a former lead balance/content developer from a successful, highly rated 3.3.5 funserver. One thing I have noticed is the unused heroic vs normal dungeon and 10 vs 25 man raid mechanics, including normal and heroic for both 10/25 in some raids. There is no denying that some people really only want to solo grind while others enjoy a mix of solo, grouping, or even only grouping for content and having the same tier dungeon/raid in different difficulties could address this. Dwindling private server, and wow in general, numbers lead to almost a necessity of having the ability to do all content without needing more than 1 to 3 people. There is also a glaring uselessness of gold from what I've seen. There are MANY easy and simple ways to make gold useful and they probably should exist in some form. My suggestions would be : 1. It seems you are planning on going with low stats on the new realm but alternatively you could just stat crunch the current realm in a matter of minutes to hit everything from stats to mob hp/damage/resistances and end up in a nice place. 2. Utilize normal vs heroic, 10 vs 25 versions of dungeons and raids. Far too many..maybe every server with custom instances just slaps it into 10 man normal. Why? Utilize normal/10 as a solo content type dungeon and then turn heroic/25 into something meant for grouping. Increased difficulty, increased drops, maybe add some drop only "heroic" versions of items in that tier. 3. Introduce tiers to the armor set instead of just level 1-30 of X item. It's kind of boring and un-immersive. Progressing through tiers gives a goal and a sense of purpose to the grind. You could simply just change level 1-5 to tier 1 level 1-5, and level 6-10 to tier 2 level 1-5 should you want to stick with the level X items. It will also allow for use of my next idea. 4. Custom set bonuses. The server I worked for where I pitched this idea is the only one I've ever seen do it, but you can easily implement GOOD blizzard or even custom set bonuses onto armor. 5. Rather than making the HC/25 man of a dungeon or raid the same tier but more difficult, use it for a different tier so you can get out more content faster, and easier. For example, ICC raid can be used for 4 tiers, without much effort other creating the 4 item sets. ICC 10 can be tier X, ICC 25 can be tier X+1, ICC 10 heroic can be X+2 and ICC 10 can be X+3. Of course not requiring 10 or 25 people, just use those available raid zones for quicker more balanced content. 6. Something I've never seen done outside of my server I worked on, custom glyphs. Most retail glyphs are useless on fun servers. Custom glyphs can be as simple as a stat boost like, a T10 glyph could be a rare drop from a T10 boss that adds stats equal to X % the stats of a T10 item. The possibilities for using and creating custom glyphs are immense. Make them drops, make them crafted to make crafting useful, make them quests rewards..but most importantly, make them matter, give them the set bonuses of blizzard tier sets, just do something! You'll be the only server that can claim to have this. 7. Role balance. Make playing towards a healer or caster rewarding instead of falling into the generic 255 trap of just going melee. Not everyone enjoys playing warrior/dk/pally/kitty :). Casters are almost always under tuned compared to melee on funservers, usually do to haste, but simple spell scaling can fix that. One option for this is adding defensive stats and possible spell damage % healing to spells for something such as a mage, that has no self heal and no defensive rating almost forcing them to group unless they can do godlike DPS and 1 shot everything on alot of realms, if they are even worth playing DPS wise. I've probably got more things to add as I continue playing the server but for now, I think these are simple yet effective changes that could be done to help improve the server but for now this is just my opinion from a player and developer viewpoint.
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    I got banned with a gm idk what - bear he say: i got banned because i has ussing speed hack, anyone explain me this, i has using aspect of cheeta (38% because some beasts talelent give 8% more) im vip (30%) Kindred Spirits (beast pasive +10%) i can run up to 78% and if you got HITTED with DAMAGE you will get dazzed, if you got hitted with shots with no damage you cant get dazzed, so i got banned cuz a gm dont know the talents? i was just training a hunter with my character Minigun (hunter) this is unfair, why i need to wait 7 days? this makes no sense. I tell to the gm i can show you how i do it, but no, he only ban me.
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